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New Products / Services Development

Business leaders throughout the world point to innovation and successful new product and service development as critical to their organizations continued revenue growth and profitability.  ClearProfit’s approach enables clients to achieve sustainable market differentiation with innovative products and services that exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional financial results.  Our solution components include:
  • Idea generation and management
  • Initiative management
  • End-to-end development process methodology and management
  • Integrated portfolio management
  • Dynamic resource alignment and collaboration
  • Financial planning and forecasting
  • Product and technology road-mapping

New product and service development is where the source of sustainable growth and prosperity is.  ClearProfit’s experts deliver the most comprehensive solutions and innovative capabilities that can help your company develop and improve its product and service development capabilities, which will increase your company’s revenue growth and profitability.

Customer Loyalty

In today’s fierce competition to win customers, a loyal customer base is among the most valuable ways to sustain and grow revenue.  ClearProfit’s distinctive approach to building customer loyalty embraces a set of comprehensive and interrelated disciplines.  These disciplines include:
  • Targeting and acquiring the most valuable customer segments
  • Designing the best product or service value propositions for targeted segment
  • Continually improving the customer experience
  • Growing targeted customer’s spending levels
  • Removing customer interaction complexity
  • Increasing insight and responsiveness to customer needs
  • Measuring results  and rewarding customers
  • Empowering employees to embrace loyalty programs

Independent research shows that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%.  ClearProfit’s solutions go beyond customer retention to develop customer advocates.  Our experts will help your company increase customer loyalty to achieve true customer-led revenue growth.

Marketing, Sales, and Service Effectiveness

A well-executed marketing, sales and service program can drive up both revenues and profits.  One powerful approach to growing revenues is by structuring your marketing, sales and services to be more effective and efficient in leveraging company resources.  ClearProfit’s approach is centered around several key components:
  • Leveraging optimized systems and tools
  • Developing customer insights of the consumer buying experience
  • Aligning strategy, policies and procedures with performance and compensation
  • Prioritization of accounts, products, and channels
  • Aligning deployment of sales and service resources
  • Enhancing brand dynamics to improve brand equity
  • Building and integrating service into your product portfolio
  • Implementing Marketing performance measurement and reporting systems

Combining proper management and several key components described above, ClearProfit can help your company to significantly improve your marketing, sales and service effectiveness and efficiency to deliver greater revenue growth. 

Market Research

To build sustainable business growth, companies need to have a clear understanding of the constantly changing and evolving market conditions.  This includes:
  • Rapidly changing customer demographics, wants and needs
  • New and evolving markets, technologies, products and services
  • New and developing best practices for marketing, selling and customer relationship models
  • Increasing competitive complexities and government regulations
  • New, evolving and innovative go-to market strategies

With this many moving targets, your company needs to continually invest in market research to better understand where and how the market is moving and what your company needs to change to stay competitive in the marketplace.  ClearProfit’s services focus on developing the most accurate market insight that is critical to sustaining your company’s long term revenue growth and company success.

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