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Financial Services

The financial management functions of an organization can be a good source of profit building opportunities.  Typical expense sub-categories  that our experts review include:
  • Merchant card processing
  • Equipment/capital lease
  • Tenant lease
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Accounts payable auditing
  • Accounts receivable factoring

ClearProfit can help you focus your expense reduction efforts on the right financial services categories to help drive average savings of 22% or more.

Telecom / Utilities / Energy

ClearProfit utilizes proprietary databases that are updated with the most current rates, pricing structures, technical options and configurations, as well as the latest equipment alternatives to ensure the optimal equipment configuration and lowest service costs.  Typical expense sub-categories that our experts review include:
  • Local telephone
  • Long distance telephone
  • Internet/Broadband
  • Data network
  • Waste management
  • Electric & gas
  • Energy efficiency & conservation

ClearProfit’s experts can typically recover billing error refunds as well as help you reduce these costs by an average 28% or more. 

Logistics / Shipping

Freight carriers have made shipping costs an increasingly more difficult item to reduce because of complex billing systems, surcharges, tariffs, incidentals, volume pricing, and sophisticated rate models.  ClearProfit has the experience to turn this complexity into an opportunity that can help you significantly reduce your shipping and courier costs.  Typical expense sub-categories that our experts review include:
  • Courier services
  • Overnight delivery
  • Inbound freight
  • Outbound freight
  • Import/Export services

ClearProfit’s freight and courier audit and contract negotiation services are guaranteed to reduce your shipping costs an average of 23% or more.   

Operations Services and Supplies

ClearProfit leverages competitive sourcing methods, vendor consolidation practices, performance level agreement improvements, and purchasing management best practice implementation to deliver significant cost savings for your company.  Typical expense sub-categories that our experts review include:
  • IT maintenance and support
  • Building maintenance
  • Janitorial services and supplies
  • Factory consumables
  • Office products
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Uniform services

ClearProfit’s experts have helped over 1,000 clients focus their expense reduction efforts to save up to 48% in key categories.

Human Resources / Payroll

The Human Resource and Payroll departments have several profit opportunity areas that can uncover significant costs savings within your organization.  Typical expense sub-categories that our experts review include:
  • Employee leasing organization services
  • Temporary staffing
  • Payroll processing outsourcing services
  • Workers compensation insurance

ClearProfit's approach is designed to produce the most savings, quickly.  Our experts typically create average savings of 21% or more in this category.

Tax / Government Programs

ClearProfit has saved our clients millions of dollars by leveraging niche Federal, State, and local government sponsored tax programs to deliver powerful, yet, underutilized tax-saving benefits.  Benefits of these programs include reducing taxable income, improving cash flow and increasing return on investment.  Programs that your company may qualify for include:
  • Manufacturers payroll programs
  • Commercial property programs
  • Property tax mitigation programs
  • Energy savings programs
  • Research & development programs
  • Renovation / tenant improvement programs

Our clients receive an average of over $200,000 in savings benefits from these services.  

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