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The pressures of business leaders to continually drive revenue growth and profitability can be overwhelming, especially in today’s tuff economic times.  Too often, business improvement books focus on philosophy and theory, and may include case studies to emphasis the book’s key points.  Most often, these books fall short of details on the actual steps and procedures to execute on the business improvement points.

For over 25 years, the author, Stephen Rinkenberger, has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium sized businesses.  As a Partner in one of the Big 4 Global Consulting firms, Stephen Rinkenberger has had the opportunity to advise clients on all aspects of their business operations to improve profitability and build sustainable growth.

In his new book, Thieves of Profit, Stephen Rinkenberger’s surprising insights show why all types of businesses, large or small, fall victims to what he calls, Thieves of Profit.  He explains why these thieves exist and why all businesses fall victims to their consequential methods.  You will be surprised to find out who these thieves really are as well as how much of your company’s profits are at stake. He also describes specific actions on how you can recover your lost profits as well as how to prevent these thieves from destroying your company’s future profitability.

This book is an easy read, and distills the primary areas thieves target and gives you actionable directions, and tools you can use to stop their destructive actions.

This new book is for all those business leaders that long for both, Fast Acting, quick fix steps that immediately add profit to the bottom line, as well as the, Long Lasting, business improvements that will drive real, sustainable, top line growth and profitability.

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